These incredible TV deals will make your Apple TV Plus movies look better than ever in the run-up to Black Friday

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Apple TV Plus has some of the best-looking content out there, from the galaxy-spanning empire in Foundation to the green football pitches of Ted Lasso. To get the most out of your subscription, you’ll need a suitably epic telly, one equipped with a 4K resolution and HDR support — and it looks like now may be one of the best times to pick one up.

Where to find the best TV deals

Black Friday approaches fast, and with it are going to come some of the best deals of the year — although there are already loads of deals to be had at a bunch of different retailers. Some of the best deals at the moment are on massive TVs, perfect for making your Apple TV Plus watching the best it can possibly be.

These deals are all at Walmart, and all feature fast, free delivery. There are thousands of dollars to save here, and they’re all selected from the best TVs for Apple TV — so let’s get started!

Save thousands on a new TV this Black Friday

Samsung S90C 55-inch | $2499

Samsung S90C 55-inch | $2499 $1298 at Walmart

This is the TV that sits on the top spot of our best TVs list, and now you can get one with a mega discount. This will save you just under half the price of the TV, netting you a colorful, bright, stunning screen for an incredible outlay. It’s an OLED panel, so you’ll get those deep, deep blacks and wickedly impressive contrast.

Hisense U8 75-inch | $1498

Hisense U8 75-inch | $1498 $1298 at Walmart

This one is called the best mid-range TV in our list, and here it’s got a healthy discount to make it a great deal cheaper. If you want the biggest screen on the list for a bargain price then this is the way to go, and it’s mini-LED display is sure to wow as you go to watch the new Napoleon movie when it comes out. Just be sure to measure your space — This is a massive TV!

Sony A80L 65-inch | $2029

Sony A80L 65-inch | $2029 $1729 at Walmart

This is the TV to go for if you want the best sound possible. Sony is well known for making incredible-sounding equipment, and this TV is no different. This deal makes the OLED screen a good deal cheaper than it is full price, and it also happens to be a visual tour-de-force to go with that incredible sound quality. You even get 2 years of CPS enhanced Protection with this deal, keeping your device safe.

Black Friday
Save money with Black Friday sales

Grab bargains on Apple devices this Black Friday

If you're looking for the best Black Friday Apple deals as the annual sales season kicks off, we've got you covered. From now right through to Cyber Monday on November 27, we'll be serving up the best offers on iPhone, MacBook, Apple Watch, iPad, HomeKit smart home devices and more. Save a small fortune by checking back on our daily deals coverage.

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