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It may not have actually started in a garage, but the Mac still put Apple on the map. With so many iconic designs and influential ad campaigns over the years, the Mac has become one of the world's most versatile computers. And the power of MacOS 13 Ventura -- and soon, MacOS 14 Sonoma -- will keep your creative energy going. Plus, with Apple now making its chips, we've only scratched the surface of just how powerful and power-efficient the Mac lineup can be. 

The Laptop Line-up

Portable power crossed with beauty and elegance defines the MacBook lineup. Here's the current roster from Apple: 

The Desktop line-up

Performance, packaged up for your desktop or studio. Apple's offerings range from the all-in-one iMac to the sheer torque of the Mac Studio. Where do you fit in?

Do more with your Mac

Creative professionals, designers, artists, musicians ... the Mac platform touches each of us in different ways. Whether you're just digging in or a lifelong fan -- or forgotten how to take a screenshot on a Mac -- iMore has guides, information, and perspective to help you make more of your passion. 

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