I've waited years for an iPad deal to tempt me — this is the model I will be buying

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I love my iPhone and MacBook Air combo so I’ve never really thought about adding an iPad into the mix. But after hearing the iMore team sing the tablet’s praises I feel like I might be missing out. With a handful of great deals on iPads this Black Friday on Amazon, I feel like I may just cave and pick one up. 

There are deals available at a handful of different price points and generations, leaving enough spare change for a nice case and maybe even an Apple Pencil.

As someone who likes to write music, make videos, and occasionally draw, I need a device capable of running all my productivity apps without stutters and crashes. It also needs to be quick enough that I don't opt to reach for my MacBook Air instead, despite its more inconvenient size. I have finally settled on my choice but there are three major deals worth paying attention to so far this Black Friday. 

Where to find the best iPad deals

Though all of our deals come from Amazon’s Black Friday sale, many more will start pouring in over the next week from other retailers, and it’s important to keep an eye on all the major sellers. These are some of the best retailers out there due to nice reductions, good service, and special bundles. Keep an eye on them throughout the week to pick up an excellent deal. 

Pay less for your pad

My choice of iPad is the 5th generation iPad Air. Equipped with the powerful M1 chip originally seen in the 2020 MacBook Air, it packs a real punch and is capable of running powerful programs like Logic Pro without problems. As someone who likes to edit videos and produce music, this feels like the perfect choice. I can tap around on a piano from the sofa without having to set up my rather clunky music production setup. 

It helps that the 10.9-inch Liquid Retina Display is vibrant and the 12mp front and back camera make it good for a quick Facetime or video on the go. 

Though the 64GB of storage is a little low for my purposes, I have an iCloud storage subscription and tend to move my files from device to device pretty regularly. For the price, it's hard to find anything that quite nails my specific needs like this iPad. This is the lowest price we have ever seen the tablet at, making it even more perfect.  

iPad Air 5th Generation | $599

iPad Air 5th Generation | $599 $499

The 5th generation iPad Air is my favorite choice on the list due to the excellent M1 chip and lovely purple color. You won’t miss out on the best iPad has to offer with all-day battery life, a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina Display, and Touch ID. With $100 off it is also the biggest reduction of the three. 

iPad deals: Amazon | B&H Photo | Best Buy | Walmart

The budget alternatives

Though they don't quite have the same power as the M1 iPad Air, the next two iPads are great for those on a smaller budget and definitely tempted me. I think I'll stick with the M1 version but its hard to ignore the savings. 

iPad 9th Generation | $329

iPad 9th Generation | $329 $249

The least powerful but also cheapest on this list, the 9th generation iPad comes with an A13 Bionic chip, a 10.2-inch Retina Display, 64GB of storage, and all-day battery life. Though the storage could be a little better and the chip is getting a little old, you have tons of bang for your buck with this iPad at its lowest-ever price. Though not my choice, it is still a very nice device. 

iPad 10th Generation | $449

iPad 10th Generation | $449 $399

Bridging the gap between the last choice and our next one, the 10th generation iPad comes in a bevy of lovely colors, is equipped with the strong A14 Bionic chip, and also has an all-day battery life. This is an excellent choice for someone looking for something both cheap and with a great look. 

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