Choose a Series 9 over these Apple Watch Series 8 Cyber Monday deals — trust me I've used both

Apple Watch Series 9
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The Apple Watch Series 9 was unveiled by Apple in September, and it's an absolutely fantastic upgrade on the Series 8. It boasts a new chip, the Double Tap navigation feature, and upgraded Ultra Wideband for better interactivity with your HomePod and iPhone. As is often the case, the Apple Watch Series 8 is still around at some retailers and is even discounted in the Cyber Monday sales. However, having checked all of the deals I can confirm that in many cases the Series 9 is actually cheaper, and even where it isn't, you should still be picking the newer model. 

The Series 9 is the first Apple Watch in several years to mark a real and significant upgrade over the previous model. It's undoubtedly the best Apple Watch the company has ever produced, and one worthy of spending a little extra for. If you know where to look, however, the chances are you might even save money over a Series 8. 

Apple Watch Cyber Monday savings

Let's have a look at some of the Series 8 deals you can still buy.

Apple Watch Series 8 Cyber Monday deals

$343.99 at Best Buy</strong></a><strong> | </strong><a href=">$324.99 at Target</strong></a></p>" data-widget-type="deal" data-render-type="editorial">
Apple Watch Series 8 41mm (GPS) | $399.99

Apple Watch Series 8 41mm (GPS) | $399.99 $247.00 at Amazon

The old Series 8 is $150 off when you buy the 41mm version from Amazon, the cheapest we've seen across retailers that still sell it. 

Price Check: $343.99 at Best Buy | $324.99 at Target

$419 at Amazon</strong></a><strong> | </strong><a href=">&nbsp;Out of stock at Target</strong></a></p>" data-widget-type="deal" data-render-type="editorial">
Apple Watch Series 8 45mm (GPS) | $429

Apple Watch Series 8 45mm (GPS) | $429 $343.99 at Best Buy

The best you're going to do on the 45mm Series 8 is $343 at Best Buy. Price Check: $419 at Amazon |  Out of stock at Target

As you can see, the 41mm option is quite a good saving here, however, it comes with a caveat. It's only available in one size, 41mm, and one color, the Midnight aluminum option. If you want any other color or size, you're going to be paying as much as $329, the same current price as the Series 9, which brings us to the deals you should really be considering. 

Apple Watch Series 9, the better Cyber Monday alternative

Apple Watch Series 9 (41mm GPS) | $399

Apple Watch Series 9 (41mm GPS) | $399 $329 at Amazon

Despite only launching recently, we have already seen a substantial reduction on the Series 9, bringing it down to just $329. This is a very solid deal.

Price Check: $349 at Best Buy | $329 at Target

With a discount of 18%, this Series 9 is more expensive than the Series 8, but this comes in both sizes with a hefty saving that makes it much more appealing than the Series 8. 

Apple Watch Series 9 (41mm and 45mm GPS) | $399

Apple Watch Series 9 (41mm and 45mm GPS) | $399 $329 at Best Buy

Available at Best Buy in all colors and sizes, this saving of $70 is available on both the 41mm and the 45mm versions of the watch in all colors. 

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