Best HomeKit thermostats for the Home app in 2023

If you're looking to take better control of your heating bills, picking up one of the best HomeKit thermostats can be a smart purchase. 

Working in tandem with Apple's Home app, HomeKit thermostats let you tweak the temperature of your home using wherever you are in the world, letting you fine-tune heating routines that keep your home warm (or cool!) while efficiently monitoring times you don't need heating systems active, saving you money in the process.. 

Team them up with other automation options, such as HomeKit light bulbs and HomeKit light switches, and these sensor-laden items can help you save money in difficult financial times. Here are the best HomeKit thermostats, cherry-picked by our expert editors.

As Black Friday rounds the corner this year, we're looking forward to seeing what kind of deals we might be able to expect from the best HomeKit heating controllers and thermostats. We're tracking all the best Apple Black Friday deals as well, to help you save some money in what is proving to be a tricky financial period.

The best HomeKit thermostats - Quick List

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Which is the best HomeKit Thermostat for me?

Having one of the best HomeKit thermostats in your home enables some pretty cool features, such as voice control and scheduling. HomeKit also lets you tie in your new thermostat with other accessories, like the best HomeKit door locks, bringing things to life through automation and scenes. Of course, nothing is cooler than cranking up the heater from the comforts of your bed on-demand through the Home app, which all of our picks provide.

What thermostats are compatible with HomeKit?

There are several brands that have included Home app and HomeKit standard support in their smart thermostat ranges. HomeKit Thermostats are available from ecobee, Netatmo, Emerson, and Honeywell.

Is Nest Thermostat HomeKit compatible?

The Nest Thermostat doesn't officially support HomeKit. However, thanks to the new Matter smart home standard, it can be used with your Apple Home ecosystem just like any other HomeKit device. The Nest Smart Thermostat from 2020 was upgraded with Matter support in April, 2023. 

Is Ecobee HomeKit compatible?

Yes, nearly all ecobee thermostats work with HomeKit except some of the earliest ecobee3 thermostats. 

The ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium combines HomeKit with intelligent home and room monitoring, allowing the thermostat to adjust automatically to the temperature in the rooms you care about the most. This thermostat is straightforward to install, so you can experience HomeKit bliss without calling an electrician. It even acts as a Siri and Alexa voice assistant thanks to an onboard microphone and speaker.

Are you looking for an option that puts design at the forefront? Then check out the Lux Kono, which offers nine styles and colors and a paintable faceplate that can blend in with your decor. Or, if you prefer a thermostat and room sensor combo without a built-in microphone, the Honeywell Home T9 may be the one for you.

Will the best HomeKit thermostats be reduced over Black Friday?

It's very likely that some of these will — we're hoping for some big discounts so that getting one in your home is a little cheaper than it might have otherwise been.

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